Huffingpost Talks About Cape May

Cape May is still one place to visit!


New Jersey isn't exactly the first place you think of for an off-season getaway, but then again, New Jersey might not be a destination you feel the need to explore.

But way down the Garden State Parkway all the way at good ole Exit 0 sits Cape May, one of America's oldest seaside resorts. It's certainly not the first place you think of when you think of New Jersey, and that's a good thing.

Down there, it's like a trip back in time. You're so far south that you're basically parallel with Washington, D.C., and though you're definitely still in the 21st century, you wouldn't know it by looking at all the brightly-colored Victorian B&Bs.

The town is lovably walkable, family-friendly and easy to navigate. There are no cheesy boardwalks, no Snooki-esque sightings and no high-rise hotels. It's a blast from the past, in the best way possible.